Pregnancy Journal, Number Two - 28 Weeks ... .

Dear Baby G,

I feel bad …

I had fully intended to keep a pregnancy journal to the same extent that I did with Isla. I started off ok but life has just got in the way! Pregnancy this time round is not quite the same as it was with Isla … I don’t have as much free time to sit and enjoy my pregnancy as I did two years ago, but I guess that is what happens when you have an energetic 17 month old little girl running wild! We have so much going on in our lives that this pregnancy is flying by, although that doesn’t mean that it’s any less important to us than it was with Isla! What with Isla, working three long days a week, studying to be a Mother Supporter, doing work on the house, trying to keep up with friends and family, the weeks just seem to be flying by!
We are nearing 29 weeks pregnant, and today marks 7 weeks until I finish work on maternity leave. Yey! I can’t believe that we are coming up to 30 weeks, which always feels to me like the final countdown … you are going to be here before we know it!

Pregnancy is going well, although I am definitely feeling the strain more than I did with your big sister. I’ve been lucky enough to have been fairly ‘well’ this time round and have no particular problems. Although, I have had a permanent cold since finding out about you in August that eventually developed into a pretty bad chest infection two weeks ago! I spent three days holed up in bed which NEVER happens and was a bit of a mess for a while, but I’m glad to say I’m almost fully recovered after a course of antibiotics. I’ve not had hardly any sickness this time round which is lovely, although the tiredness from the first trimester hasn’t subsided as much as I had hoped. I’m not sure whether this is just pregnancy related though – I think it might have something to do with life in general and a daughter who isn’t the best sleeper! I’ve had no cravings and haven’t gone off any foods this time round. I’m still avoiding the ‘naughty’ foods during pregnancy like certain cheeses and pates (I could murder a baked brie right now!)
You are quite the little mover … There were times with Isla that I would get home from work and think that I hadn’t felt her move all day, so I would prod and poke her to get a response. But with you – you don’t stop! I can feel you most of the day at work, and lots during the evening and at night. It’s such a different feeling to what I had with Isla! Quite often I’ll be sitting still minding my own business when you will roll over and squish my bladder, making me need the loo immediately! It’s such a different feeling to what I had with Isla!  I think because I weigh less and because my stomach muscles are probably still stretched from the first pregnancy that I can feel it more. My bump is definitely a different shape too – it’s much more solid and hard than it ever was with Isla and sits quite low on my frame. I don’t appear to have developed any new stretch marks so far … fingers crossed! Although I can feel my belly stretching and it doesn’t half make me itch sometimes! The other day I woke up with scratch marks all over my stomach where I’d obviously had quite the itch during the night!

I luckily don’t appear to be piling on the weight again! I weighed myself a couple of weeks ago and had only put on about 5 pounds, so hopefully it’s only increased by a couple of pounds! Hopefully by the end of the pregnancy I won’t have put on too much. Although it really isn’t a huge concern of mine, it would be nice to feel I haven’t got LOTS to loose!
We are moving your big sister into her big girl room this weekend – all pink and very girly! She is turning into quite the little girl, so it is absolutely perfect for her! That will give us some time to tidy up your nursery ready for your arrival. It’s still gender neutral so it’s good for whatever you turn out to be!

I don’t think I have any particular ‘feeling’ over whether you are a boy or a girl … And I honestly don’t mind! We will absolutely be happy with whatever you are, as long as you arrive happy and healthy! I think there are pros and cons to either … I’d love for Isla to have a sister, and I’d love for her to have a brother! We really don’t mind … although we can’t wait to find out!

Stay safe in there Baby G!


Gymboree ...

In November we had a new soft play centre open up round the corner from us. I'd been looking for a group to take Isla to on my days off but nothing exactly fitted my requirements. She's an energetic little girl so I wanted something that would keep her busy and occupied, and hopefully wear her out!

It's a Gymboree group that has opened up at the Notcutts garden centre that is literally up the road from us. (Walkable in nice weather!) They've taken an old camping shop on site and have transformed it into a permanent soft play centre where they offer classes to your child's age and ability. We managed to get a free tester session the first day they opened and both absolutely loved it. It's immaculately clean, it's bright, warm and the staff and other Mums and Dads are lovely. We signed up straight away for a regular class that we go to once a week, and I've noticed such an improvement in Isla since we stared going. She absolutely loves it and gets so excited when you tell here where we are going. The massive benefit from joining up is as members, you have access to the open gym they offer. Most dys they have a few hours where you can take your child and let them play as they wish. Like taking them to a normal soft play but without paying per hour! We go all the time, especially at the minute with the weather being so horrible. 

It's one of the best things we've done so far! 


My Little Girl ...

This little girl is such a mini me ... Such a Mummy's girl. 

I love her so very much, even on the days that she tests me and pushes my patience. She may only be 16 months old, but she has one hell of a character. Each day we are discovering more and more about her personality and watching her develop in front of our eyes. She is such a proper little girl already - she loves watching me get ready in the morning, standing by my dressing table, trying to get my make up and pretending to put it on. She cradles her little dolls like they are her babies and feeds them with her own bottles. 

I'll be honest and say that it worries me what she will be like when the baby gets here ... I think that eventually she will be an amazing big sister, but I do worry that she will miss out on time with me and that will change her. 

I hope that she will always be my little girl.