My Little Girl ...

This little girl is such a mini me ... Such a Mummy's girl. 

I love her so very much, even on the days that she tests me and pushes my patience. She may only be 16 months old, but she has one hell of a character. Each day we are discovering more and more about her personality and watching her develop in front of our eyes. She is such a proper little girl already - she loves watching me get ready in the morning, standing by my dressing table, trying to get my make up and pretending to put it on. She cradles her little dolls like they are her babies and feeds them with her own bottles. 

I'll be honest and say that it worries me what she will be like when the baby gets here ... I think that eventually she will be an amazing big sister, but I do worry that she will miss out on time with me and that will change her. 

I hope that she will always be my little girl.


Pregnancy Journal, Number Two - Our 20 Week Scan ...

Dear Baby G,

We had our 20 week scan on the 15th December, almost exactly 2 years after we found out we were expecting Isla. I was having plenty of movement from you, so I wasn't quite as nervous as I have been on previous scans, but as always, there were a few butterflies!

We didn't have to wait as long for our scan this time, and were called in quite quickly, despite the very busy waiting room. I think this was about the 7th scan we have had in our lifetime, and this time we had the most lovely of sonographers. She talked us through absolutely everything, she told us what she was looking for, what she was measuring etc. It was so incredible to see you again! Again, you were wriggling all over the place! And drinking again! I could actually see you move at the same time I felt you move, which hasn't happened before. It's always so magical. We told the sonographer that we didn't want to know whether you are a boy or a girl - we stuck to our guns - and I'm so pleased we did! It's the most amazing surprise to find out when you are here. We didn't see anything that made us think what you were either way, apart from the picture we came home with ... you have the exact same profile as Isla and the very same button nose! But I don't know whether that means you are one way or the other!

People keep saying to us that we must want a boy now, given that we've already got a girl. But either way, we really don't mind! We just want you to be happy and healthy! We think that there are positives to either a boy or a girl. We just know that it is you we are waiting for to complete our family.

We keep asking Isla whether she is ready to be a big sister and whether she wants a brother or sister ... I don't think she understands what we are saying but she nods her head and gets excited! I can't wait to see my babies grow up together.

I feel like now we are in 2015, we are in the countdown to meeting you ... it's only just over 17 weeks until your due date and I feel like that may go quite quickly!

We're having a good pregnancy so far, which I am very very grateful. Any sickness I had has subsided which is great! My appetite is pretty much the same, no cravings and nothing I want to avoid. I have put on a few pounds already, but I think most of that may be Christmas chocolate! I can feel you move already so much, so much more than I did with Isla. It's so lovely to have you make your presence known! My bump is getting bigger and bigger! The only symptom really is the tiredness at the minute - but I think that has more to blame on your sister and life in general rather than just the pregnancy!

Stay safe in there Baby G.
We love you.

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Pregnancy Journal, Number Two - 16/17 Weeks Pregnant ...

Dear Baby G,
At 16 weeks pregnant, we had our second midwife appointment.
Our lovely midwife that we had with Isla, retired this year to work part time in another area of the city. We had her for our very first appointment, but this time when we arrived at the doctors, we had another midwife. This one, ran perfectly on time, but wasn’t exactly the friendliest of midwives. We tried being friendly with her, asking her a few questions etc but she didn’t really want to play ball! We asked whether she was going to be our midwife from now on, and basically said that the rota for Sarah’s replacement hadn’t been decided, so we would have whoever could make our next appointment! Great – no contingency of care this time! Sarah had said that she would have us in for more appointments than the ‘traditional’ second pregnancy rota calls for, but this midwife has said we aren’t wanted back until I’m 28 weeks pregnant – the 12th February! It seems like such a long time to wait!
But, the most important thing from this appointment is that all was well! All my bloods came back fine – iron/thyroxine etc – my wee showed no signs of ketones etc, and my blood pressure was 120/80. She asked if we wanted to hear the heartbeat (of course!) but I know from Isla that it’s not always easy to find at 16 weeks. I like to reassure myself if she can’t find it I think! I did tell her I was desperate for the toilet, but she told me we would look for the heartbeat first as a full bladder makes it easier. She started looking really low down for the heartbeat, and couldn’t find anything to begin with. There was a loud, bang like noise, which she said was a kick, but she couldn’t locate the heartbeat. Then she tried looking further up and found it straight away! As clear as a button! And beating away at 150 or so BPM. That sound will never get old. It’s truly magical.
After we left the midwife, Isla was with the Grandparents, so we treated ourselves to a little (soft) drink at The Trafford – exactly like we did with Isla’s pregnancy! It was nice to have a little moment just us two (and Pauly B!)
The weekend following our midwife appointment, we went out in the city and I had to succumb and get myself some maternity leggings! I’ve been trying jeans on, but I CANNOT find any maternity jeans that I like. At all. They are either far too big round the bump, or far too tight round the bum! Luckily, because I’ve lost so much weight in the last few years, I have a couple of older jeans that are on the bigger side that I can wear as my ‘maternity’ jeans. I’ve also been using the old trick of tying a strong hair band through my button hole on my skinny jeans, which is giving me a few more weeks extra room! I didn’t think I was showing that much, but it appears that in the last few weeks I have POPPED! (I think again, because I’m so much smaller than I was when I found out I was expecting Isla, that what bump I do have is more obvious.) So, I bought myself some leggings and some lovely big oversized jumpers in some gorgeous autumn colours that I think will be my wardrobe staple for now! It’s all about the comfort!
It’s exciting now I’m starting to show (although I do still feel like I look fat rather that pregnant though!) and I think I’m starting to get a few very subtle flutters. We’re getting very excited to meet you already!
Here is my 17 week bump … (Excuse the at work selfie in the fluorescent lighting!)

My friend Sarah had her little boy on Friday, all 7lb 3oz of absolute cuteness! William Patrick will be about 5/6 months older than you, exactly the same age gap between your big sister and his big sister! It made it VERY real to me going to see him. Isla and Maddie suddenly looked so very big and grown up, and William felt so small! (Only 2oz smaller than Isla was!)

I can't wait to hold my newest bundle of joy ... !!!
We have our 20 week scan on the 15th December and we are so excited. We are definitely still not going to find out what you are, no matter how tempted I am!
Stay safe in there Baby G.